Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Think I Can...I Hope I Can...

Truth is, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now!

Besides the fact that late July/early August is busy in general for educators feeling the "back-to-school" crunch, I went ahead and had two of my three babies between July 29th and August 4th!  :)  That means hosting out-of-town guests to see the birthday kids and "party planning" for the grade schooler!  (I no longer can get away with a simple visit to Chuck E Cheese...thank goodness.)

And then there's this...

Thirteen years worth of resource materials...stored in another classroom...and deposited in my office/classroom.  I'm the type of person that must have an organized classroom environment or I just can't function!  Needless to say...this is killing me!  :)

Slowly weeding through materials...pitching, recycling, donating, storing...I really don't know what I'll need until I actually begin doing the job.

Here's where I'm at after only a couple of hours of work. I'm limited on time with three kiddos in tow...but they really help me with work/family balance outside of contract hours! (Notice the blankie on my teacher desk?)

Anyway, thank you to all of my new Bloglovin followers and Blogger followers!  I see that I've got both some "old" and new friends following me.  While I would love to be creating and sharing all sorts of cutesy learning projects/aides right now, I feel like I need to focus my energy on this classroom environment.  It desperately needs some TLC!

More pics to come.  Wishing you a happy start to the work week!


  1. Looking good, Val! Can't wait to follow you on this exciting journey. Have a great week, friend. : )

    1. Thanks, Billie Jo! And me too...your education endeavor is going to be so rich and full of possibility! It's gonna be an exciting year for both of us. Hugs.

  2. Oh boy, this looks like fun!

    If you need help let me know, plus don't
    forget I have goodies for you.

    I know yiu are birthday busy but did you get my


  3. Hi Valerie! I really enjoyed reading this post!! My classroom looks a lot like yours right now. I do not have as much stuff with this being my 3rd year of teaching. But I have all my stuff piled throughout my room. It makes me feel so overwhelmed!! I am looking forward to working on my classroom without bringing my kids along. Happy organizing!!


  4. I just found your blog and I hope you come back to blogging soon! I love to connect with other special educators :)

    Mindful Rambles